Legal Process

Solicitors play an integral part of the purchase process and are necessary in order to progress the sale of a home. From conveyancing to property tax advice and surveys, they’re involved in the process to ensure the sale is going ahead as planned and to keep everything above board. If there are any disputes or unforeseen circumstances in the early stages, then they can also get involved and advise on the best course of action.

When dealing with overseas property, there can be laws that UK citizens may be unaware of, making it even more important to have a legal aid on hand for any requirements during a purchase. We work with bi-lingual lawyers who are able to explain foreign processes in a way that is easy to understand. They can deal with all the necessary property requests you require and can draw up all the legal contracts, as well as advise and assist on other matters where needed.

Gaining a good working relationship with your solicitor is essential in order to allow for a more straightforward sale. We only recommend solicitors who are reputable and reliable and that we believe will work well with our clients. Speak to Sequre today to find out more.