Recognising a shift in the way prospective home buyers envisage their dream home, and the plethora of specifications they bring to the table when discussing their requirements, now more than ever, the property market is accommodating “high spec” and “smart” homes. But what are they? And why should you choose one?

The future is high spec

Gone are the days when finding a home close to good schools, transport links and local amenities was enough, now it no longer seems to be about the commute to the local shop, but rather if the home has under-floor heating and high quality finishes. In the UK alone, hundreds of thousands of homes are now described as having a “high spec interior”, so it’s no wonder that this is now the new buzz word in Spain as well. Not only the British, but other lovers of the Mediterranean have changed the way they think about their homes in Spain. Scandinavian culture, architecture and interior design has filtered into almost every new build development on the Costa del Sol, with extra security, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and minimalistic Scandinavian design, blending with an authentic Andalusian setting. For those who fantasise of their dream home but can’t quite find what they’re looking for, high specification homes allow clients to add their own personal touch to an already outstanding luxury home. From futuristic mood lighting and salt water pools to ultra-modern, fitted kitchens and access to exclusive spa facilities; high specification homes are ideal for those with high expectations and the budget to go with it. The new build villas now on the market go above and beyond what clients would usually expect from a home, to create spacious living with personal and unique designs which reflect the individuality of each and every client. 

Tech savvy 

High spec and smart home tech seem to go hand-in-hand; where there’s an ultra-modern suspended lamp, there’s a gadget controlling it from the other end of the house. As our world becomes progressively more technological, smart homes and the gadgets that accompany them are undoubtedly becoming more attractive to prospective homeowners who value their time. Imagine you’ve just left the house for a day at the beach and remember you’ve left the air conditioning on, with just a click of a button on your smartphone it can be switched off, saving you time and money. Not only does smart-home tech make your life easier, it also increases your awareness of how much energy you use and can reduce your energy consumption.  From our experience, working with reputable developers, we’ve noticed a huge boom in the smart-home tech, or “domotics” system in Spain.  Many of our clients, whether they travel all over the world for business or have a large family to take care of, value their time and energy, and therefore frequently enquire about luxurious and high-specification homes, requiring more and more developers to ensure they’re meeting the demand. There is an abundance of smart-home gadgets and features on the market, with the aim of creating a more efficient, comfortable and convenient lifestyle, here’s a few of our favourites; 

1. Smart glass

Smart glass windows are increasing in popularity with the rise in the luxury and high-end property market, due to the growing need for privacy and security within exclusive homes. Changing from fully transparent to opaque in couple of seconds, full privacy is achieved without sacrificing the level of light. Not only do they provide added privacy, they are also incredibly energy efficient. By actively controlling the level of light entering the room, homeowners will be more capable of monitoring their energy consumption and in turn reduce their energy costs. In addition, an extension of smart glass, “blackout glass” offers a blackout effect for curved or ceiling glass, which is compatible with blinds.  

2. Smart fridges  

Ever got to the supermarket and can’t remember what groceries you already have at home? Smart fringes solve that problem in a flash…literally, a flash of a camera which takes pictures of the interior of your fridge, letting you know via your smartphone what foods you don’t need to replace just yet. 

3. Automatic blinds

Another feature which you can control from your smartphone or remote control system, automatic blinds can be scheduled to open at a certain time of day, again making a homeowner’s life much more convenient. 

Our high spec expertise

There’s a huge  demand for off plan and high-spec properties in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, so much so that we have now expanded our expertise to incorporate bespoke properties. We recognised that many of our clients now seem to know exactly what they want and how they want it, requesting anything from extra security features, to larger windows and additional bedrooms, and we’ve listened to them. We offer custom-made villas which are all meticulously created to the clients’ particular taste and where buyers have a huge say in the design of their own home.


We understand that each and every one of our clients is different and has their own vision of what a home means to them, which is why we  offer a luxury and personalised property build service as an additional option should you not feel that the current homes on the market meet your needs.  If a custom built, high spec and luxury home is something you’d like to explore further, speak to a member of our team today on 0800 011 2639.


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