The good thing about Spanish property is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, to suit all budgets and tastes. Whether you are searching for a home for yourself, your family or as an investment opportunity, there is a type of property to suit everyone.

So, if you are considering buying a property in Spain, read on for our breakdown of the most popular types, and decide which ones suit you best to narrow your search.


Apartments are one of the most abundant and affordable property types on the Spanish market. Primarily based in urban and popular areas, you’ll often find apartment blocks in areas of high demand, close to a range of amenities.

Apartments make a convenient investment opportunity or holiday home, due to low maintenance costs and in general, easy accessibility. They’re generally very close to local bars, shops, restaurants and shopping outlets, as well as transport links. Many developments will also have security features, and shared leisure facilities for residents such as swimming pools and gyms.

Apartments are available in a vast array of sizes and quality; however, some older properties may need a modern uplift. Modern builds have moved towards more simplistic and polished finishes (see this 3-bedroom apartment in Torrevieja) as opposed to the classic Mediterranean style. Studio apartments are the smallest available style of apartment, often comprising of just one room with a bathroom, and whilst they may be ideal for an individual or a couple, they will not suit a family or someone used to larger properties. The largest style of apartments are generally penthouse suites, found on the top floor of developments with large balconies and stunning views (such as this new-build in Estepona). These are generally the most expensive apartments on the market and suit those with a larger budget and the need for more space.


Townhouses tend to be terraced or semi-detached properties in residential areas, spread over 2, 3 or 4 floors. Quad properties are also popular in Spain which are 4 houses joined at the side and back. Many townhouses come with a roof terrace (solarium) – the perfect place for sunbathing and hanging out in the sunshine with friends and family. Like apartment complexes, many townhouse developments also have shared community facilities such as gardens and swimming pools, although higher-end properties may have small private areas or gardens, such as this 3-bedroom townhouse in Finestrat.

Townhouses tend not to be found in busy towns or city centres, and can often be found within quieter residential areas - ideal for families. Like apartments, they are lower maintenance properties, and therefore popular as holiday homes. They are available in and around all the most popular and scenic areas along the Spanish coast and come in a range of prices, from affordable, right through to newer luxury developments beside world class golf courses.


Villas are the most popular type of property along the coastal regions of Spain. They are larger, detached properties on their own plot of land, generally found in a complex or individual estate. It is also common to find semi-detached villas which each have their own private spaces. Detached villas will usually have their own private swimming pool and gardens, and offer comfort and privacy in abundance. They are the ideal holiday or permanent home in Spain.

Due to their size, villas are found predominantly around coastal areas and resorts, and attract both Spanish and international residents due to their idyllic nature. Whilst seafront properties may require a higher budget, buyers can often get more for their money just a touch in-land yet still close to the coast. Those resting further inland often have stunning views of surrounding countryside and greenery. Villas are also popular around many of the world-class golf resorts along the Spanish coast.

Ideal for families and anyone wanting to enjoy the Spanish weather in privacy and luxury, villas come in all sizes, from moderate to very large with huge grounds. The most luxurious properties tend to come in private gated complexes with security and other exclusive amenities.

Due to these reasons, villas are not the cheapest properties to purchase, and some of the older styles available on the market may require a spot of modernisation – one reason why new-build villas are so popular. With so much development work ongoing and off-plan properties available, there has never been a better time to purchase a Spanish villa!



For the adventurous type or those seeking a challenge, there are many properties on the market that can be picked up for an initial modest fee. These will require a certain amount of investment to refurb and modernise however, so are not to be taken on their initial price alone. They range from derelict buildings to apartments which require modernisation or smaller properties in need of some TLC.

Taking on projects like these can be challenging at the best of times, and can be further complicated when liaising across borders and language barriers. Spain also has many national and local laws and regulations pertaining to property redevelopments, so the process can be a slow one. Buyers should therefore be very careful when choosing contractors and representation. Sequre can assist on this front by recommending reliable and trustworthy legal and financial support and local tradesmen.

The end result for buyers however is owning a blank canvas to redesign as you see fit and make your dream Spanish property a reality! 


These need no introduction. For those in a position to purchase these beautiful homes, the dream is very much real, as you lounge in the sun by your pristine swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea watching the sunset. Perfection. Sequre has a large number of Spanish mansions available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a Spanish property, click here to start your search or get with our team to discuss your requirements on 0800 011 2639 . And if you still need convincing, check out our latest blog for 100 reasons to move to Spain, or our series all about living in Spain!

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