When considering a new build, choosing the plot location is quite possibly the most important part of the process, so care should be taken to ensure that there are no extra costs likely to be incurred. The build material is also an incredibly important aspect as you want a property that’s going to stand the test of time and suit your lifestyle for years to come.

At Sequre Signature Villas, we use only the best materials, and our constructors have lived in Spain for decades, so are well-appointed to help find the best plot for your new home. We sat down with Rob, who heads up Sequre Signature Villas, the bespoke property arm of our international business in Spain, to pick his brain as to why choosing the right plots and materials matter when constructing a new home. 

So, Rob, you’ve been out in Spain for years and have built a very reputable construction business, which is what many of our clients look for when starting a new life abroad. What points would you suggest a client to consider when looking to build their dream home in Spain?

“What I’d firstly suggest is to analyse if the plot is suitable for the home they want to build. In order for any building license to be granted by the local Town Hall, the plot must have the correct classification to build on.  

Next, I’d suggest checking the proximity to utilities. Are there water and electricity connections close to the plot? If not, this could be costly and would increase the total build cost, which could be detrimental if a client is on a tight budget. 

The characteristics, or “topology” of the plot is also important, usually plots with fantastic sea views are on sloping land, and depending on the severity of the gradient, building costs can increase significantly.

Another major point to consider is the size of the plot. Is it large enough to enable you to build the size of your dream villa?

Of course, all of the above are aspects that we help the client with from start to finish at Sequre Signature Villas.”

That’s great advice. Do rules and regulations for plots etc. differ between local authorities? 

“Yes, this can be complicated as all local authorities have different rules and regulations for plot to build ratios. For example, in Javea Costa Blanca North, a minimum permitted plot size is 1,000m2 with a maximum build size of 20%, so basically a 200m2 build, whereas in Moraira the minimum size plot is 800m2 with a 25% maximum build size. This is the case for almost all areas of Spain so take care to ensure that you will be able to build the size of villa you require.

Also, check the local planning rules regarding infrastructure, sometimes as a condition of the build license, you may be required to put in services such as streetlights or paths, or even tarmac your section of the road outside.”

Are there any major differences in Spain compared to the UK building industry?

“Over the last twenty years, build regulations in Spain have come into line with most other European countries so from a build quality and inspection point of view it is very similar to the UK. Although, here in Spain it is necessary to employ a technical architect who will inspect and sign off each build stage, whereas in the UK this will be done by the design architect or local authority.”

Why do good materials matter in the building process?

“All Sequre Signature Villa projects are built with only the highest quality products to maintain the standards to meet our client demands. We use only the best materials not only to appease our clients, but for us to maintain our already solid reputation within the marketplace.   Only quality certified products are used during the construction process, and these are specified in the initial architects plan and specifications that are submitted for the build license. Any on-site materials that are used for the main structure of the construction such as concrete for foundations, floors and supporting pillars are strength tested at every stage of the build.

So, there you have it – quality advice from Rob at Sequre Signature Villas. 

Embarking on a new build project can be a daunting prospect as there are so many points that must be considered. It’s important to have a team of professionals who can deliver exactly what you desire and to guide and give advice at every stage of the build process, from purchasing the correct plot through to design, build and completion.

If you’d like more information on building your dream home in Spain, contact us today.




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