Our clients all have different reasons for wanting to buy a property abroad. For some it’s a second home for holidays in the sunshine, for others it’s a permanent residence to either start a new life in the sun or to enjoy retirement.  No matter what your reasons are for moving abroad, it’s always vital to remember to do your research and think about the sort of property that is best for you. 

As we know, now is the best time to buy in Spain. Everything from house prices to rental demand is quickly rising. But that’s not the only reason to consider making your purchase now; there is more construction in the country than ever before and developments are being sold as quickly as they are being put on the market. Whilst there is something for everyone, the new build market is attracting buyers from across the world and these beautiful modern structures are certainly in high demand. Let’s look at the reasons why: 

    There are a wide range of homes available

Even with an increasing demand for Spanish property,  there is a wide variety of new homes available. Having taken a little longer than other parts of Europe to recover following on from the financial crisis, the last few years have seen developers return to the market and create homes that meet with the demands of today’s modern buyer.  Builders are creating communities and resorts with a wide selection of apartments, penthouses, townhouses and villas, so there’s an abundance of choice. Prices are also still relatively low when compared with prices back in 2008. 

    New laws protect you and your capital

As we reported back in 2015, new rules enforced by the Spanish government means those who fall victim of unknowingly purchasing an illegally built home will be compensated for their losses. The laws came into place after a long campaign from buyers who were conned into purchasing unlawful properties. Now, the government has ordered that pay-outs are made to anyone who has fallen victim of rouge contractors. Not only has this new ruling meant that those who suffered at the hands of criminals were able to get compensation, but it has also raised awareness of bad practices to ensure that agents and buyers undertake thorough due diligence before proceeding with a purchase. 

    Modern fixtures and fittings

    Gone are the days where old-style, Mediterranean brick homes dominated the Spanish landscape – market demand has led to an uplift in the number of sophisticated and minimalist homes being built. Over the last 12 months, there has been a significant increase in the number of newer style homes that offer a contemporary, modern day design. Developers have freshened up the Spanish property market and are designing new developments with desirable features such as spacious living spaces, allowing for natural light to pour in. Many also feature solariums, private pools and an incredibly high spec interior fit-out. Properties are now also designed to better suit the hot climate, so your villa can stay cool in the sun and retain heat in the winter months. 

      Quality at a low price

    Even though there is a plethora of new homes available, buyers won’t be expected to pay over the odds. The slow recovery in Spain has resulted in house prices remaining relatively low however, this is quickly changing as demand continues to surge.  Buying at the right time will ensure that you benefit from capital appreciation and a sound investment for the future.  

    We have thousands of new build properties available at a range of budgets to suit you. If you’re looking to find your dream home in the sun, contact Sequre International today on 0800 011 2639. 

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