As summer approaches, many of us look forward to a getaway filled with sunshine, relaxation and good cuisine. Budget airlines and a rise in disposable income has resulted in many yearning for their own property in the sun to escape to and one country has always stood out from the rest with the Brits - Spain.

Spain has always remained a firm favourite, so much so that the expat community has continued to thrive; there are now as many as 761,000 Britons living in Spain permanently. So what is it about this beautiful country that makes it so attractive?

            1.       Easy to travel to

While there are other countries across the world that offer the “ideal” holiday abroad, very few are as easy to get to as Spain. Only two and a half hours away by plane and with several flights daily from most major cities in the UK to Spanish airports, there is no shortage of travel options, all available at a very low cost.  

           2.       300 days of sunshine a year

Very few other places in Europe can rival Spain’s Mediterranean climate. The Coastal areas in particular such as the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, are the locations that sun seekers flock to for exotic climates.   

          3.       Largely English speaking

Even though English is classed as the “universal” language, it isn’t always guaranteed that when you go to a foreign country it will be easy to communicate with the locals. Too often there is found to be a language barrier if you don’t speak the local lingo. However, due to such a large expat community in Spain, English is spoken pretty much everywhere which makes life much easier for any Brits that don’t speak Spanish.

          4.       Entertainment and activities

From quaint pubs to cocktail bars, from local butchers to gourmet seafood restaurants, there’s no chance you’ll be bored by what Spain has to offer. And it’s not just food and drink – whether you want a booming nightlife, quiet retreats in the country or a day at a water park with the kids, you won’t have to travel far to find something to suit your needs.

          5.       Family friendly

One of the key reasons holiday makers return to Spain is its well-rounded appeal to families and children. There are many activities to keep kids occupied, whether it be visiting the local zoos and marine life, theme parks, open air cinemas or simply enjoying the play area on the beach. Even teenagers will be entertained by Spain’s annual festivals and carnivals which occur across the country every year – it truly is a place for all ages.

          6.       Laidback lifestyle

For relaxation, there is no place quite like Spain. It’s commonly known that the locals have a very laidback approach to life which is contagious after just a few short days in their company. Not to mention the Spanish siesta they are so famous for – relaxing is an integral part of their daily lifestyle so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top hotspots where Brits go to retire after a hard working life.

          7.       Better value for money

In terms of property, Spain gives you much better value for money than the UK does – not only can you get bigger, more spacious property for the price you pay, but they often come with pools, solariums and other luxuries to equip you with the Spanish lifestyle. Now is a great time to buy because prices are at an all-time low and the market is beginning to rise.

It’s not just property that is often cheaper on the coast either; the cost of living is much lower too. Plus, taking advantage of favourable exchange rates could also prove to be advantageous when converting sterling to euros - remember to always keep an eye on the rates. 

          8.       Hundreds of blue flag beaches

Sun seeking is one of the main reasons so many of us flock to Spain each year and there are few better places to do this than on the beach. It’s all very well having beaches round every corner, what makes Spain different is that the blue flag gives it the seal of approval, so you know it is a safe and healthy environment to relax and take the kids.

          9.       Places to explore

So much more than just beaches and pools – Spain has a surprisingly eclectic landscape and is perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The beautiful mountains of Alicante are ideal for hikers and give spectacular views from the top. There’s also the white towns of Andalusia which are a must see for any tourist as they show the rich and cultured history of the country.   

         10.   There’s something for everyone

If you think Spain is just about sunshine and sangria then you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s so many opportunities for new experiences and it’s a great place to explore and really sink your teeth into the culture and the lifestyle. There is a reason why foreign residents take up as much as 20% of all property sales in the country, because once you go to Spain it’s impossible not to fall in love with its natural beauty. From festivals and flamenco dancing to tapas and tinto (summer red wine), Spain really does have everything you could ever need and more.

We have over 11,000 properties spanning across the Costa del Sol, Costa Calida, Costa Blanca and the Orihuela Costa. To enquire about one of our properties, or to speak to one of our team abut a subsidised viewing trip, call our team today on 0800 011 2639.

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